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Grandi Groom

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The carpet rake that professional carpet cleaners use!

This professional 18 inch carpet groomer prepares rugs and carpets for vacuuming or cleaning. It raises deeply embedded dirt for vacuum pickup. The Grandi Groom works on all types of carpeting and is good for finishing and restoring the pile and pattern after vacuuming or cleaning. Rake and handle included.

How To Use:

Before Vacuuming Or Cleaning

Using a “push-pull” motion will allow the specially designed tines to reach the base of the carpet tufts, separating and freeing the individual fibers of dirt, pet hair, and debris that vacuuming cannot get.
After Vacuuming Or Cleaning

Use a pulling motion to lift the carpet pile, restructuring the original design. This motion will also give the carpet the finished grooming to render a “like new” appearance.